Reel 60 m, DTD

120,00 sis/incl ALV/VAT

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Reel with a classic shape, manufactured from durable delrin.Delrin is used more and more
often for manufacturing of diving equipment as its tensile properties, mechanical ruggedness
and minimal absorbability. Comparing to standard aluminium reel there is no problem with any
kind of corrosion. The axle of reel is made of stainless steel.

Shape and structure were designed for very easy unwinding of the line during both – swimming
and scootering. Unwinding speed can be regulated by pushing a finger against the reel flange.
This type of brake is very effective and you can never lose it 😀 The reel can be used in
both hands, which is very useful while ice-diving when your hands get cold. The reel can take
up to 60 m of 2mm line. Our line is plaited from PES fibres with Kevlar core. Kevlar core
fibres are tough and have no elongation.