HP port 90°

Quick Cuff system

Quick Cuff turns your drysuit into a modular platform able of carrying a variety of different seals as well as the possibility of changing a torn or broken seal in minutes without tools or glue. It is also fully compatible with the Glove Lock QCP and the Quick Glove system. Note that the Wrist Ring has to be glued onto the suit.

Apeks RK3 rubber fins, with spring straps. PINK

Sizes approximately:

S = 35-38

M = 39-41

L = 42-44

XL (super) = 45 ->

Nautec knob, green

Regulator set for single tank Apeks XL4 Ocea

Reg set for single tank. Apeks XL4 Ocea with 63mm 232bar SPG.

Miflex hoses 70/90cm.

Colour of the primary 2nd stage grey or mint.

Adapter argon -> G 5/8″

Adapter from argon to G5/8″

Adapter O2 -> 5/8″

Adapter from oxygen tank to G 5/8″

SMB 1,3 m DTD

Orange semiclosed surface marker buoy.
With overpressure valve. 

Shearwater Teric *Journeys Edition*


Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.

NEW: Freediving mode!

Double electric inlet for drysuit inflator for APEKS valves

Double electrical inlet for heating vests, gloves, etc.
To be mounted under the suit inflator valve, adds 19mm height.
Includes a cable gland and 5,8mm 55cm E/O-cord.

Model: Santi double Connector.


Santi Thermovalve Electric inlet and drysuit inflator, OLD MODEL, USED

Used on a couple of dives, condition: like new.

Suit inflator including electrical inlet for heating vests.
Includes a cable gland and 5,8mm 55cm E/O-cord.

Model: Santi Thermovalve


Regulator hose 56 cm

Exhaust valve diaphgram Apeks TX / ATX / XTX

Diaphgram Apeks ATX / XTX

Regulator hose 100 cm MIFLEX XT-Tech

Miflex hose with PU-surface layer