Screen protector for Suunto Gekko/Vyper/Vytec

Stratos Fins, size 36/37

Basic fins

Express Fins

Basic fins

Aqualung Wind Fins

Basic fins

Neoprene boots Typhoon, size 40/41

Typhoon neoprene boot with zipper. 6,5mm

Size 40/41

Blades Flex, size Giant (L)


Orca Torch D510

Basic battery powered handheld light.

Delivered with a case full of something very useful.

Fancy cardboard box shown in the pic is missing.

Screw Nut for DZ Hand Wheels

Spring for DZ Hand Wheels

Sitech blanking plug

Liftbag 100kg Ursuit

Caveline 1,5mm, 200m


Caveline 2mm, 500m

Full reel 500m.

Apeks TEK3 set

Apeks TEK3 1st stages, XTX50 2nd stages and 210/62cm rubber hoses.

The Ursuit Phantom wing 21L

The Ursuit Phantom 21l wing is a horse-shoe shape wing, especially for technical diving with twin cylinder.

Trim Pocket for backplate

Small pocket for attachment to the backplate exactly where you need it. It can carry one piece of weight block (dimensions 8x10x3 cm, 1,5-2 kg).

Price per pair.