Shearwater Teric *Journeys Edition*


Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.

NEW: Freediving mode!

Double electric inlet for drysuit inflator for APEKS valves

Double electrical inlet for heating vests, gloves, etc.
To be mounted under the suit inflator valve, adds 19mm height.
Includes a cable gland and 5,8mm 55cm E/O-cord.

Model: Santi double Connector.


Santi Thermovalve Electric inlet and drysuit inflator, OLD MODEL, USED

Used on a couple of dives, condition: like new.

Suit inflator including electrical inlet for heating vests.
Includes a cable gland and 5,8mm 55cm E/O-cord.

Model: Santi Thermovalve


Regulator hose 56 cm

Exhaust valve diaphgram Apeks TX / ATX / XTX

Diaphgram Apeks ATX / XTX

Regulator hose 100 cm MIFLEX XT-Tech

Miflex hose with PU-surface layer

Li-ion battery pack 11,1 V 388,5 Wh 35,2Ah

Length 230 mm, diameter 65 mm.
Protective circuit board to prevent damages in case of short circuit,
overcharge or over discharge.
Maximum discharge current 20A.

Battery is provided with Tamiya-connector (male).

Replaces the 302Wh batterypack. Fits only the new EXP -housing, length 270mm without the lid.


Mask Shark Hammerhead Frameless


Handheld light Orca Torch D700

A bit more powerful backup light. Or small primary light.

Light output 1700Lm

Burn time 1h 50min

Maximum operating depth 150m

Uses 21700 rechargeable battery (5000mAh)

Length 142mm, largest diameter 36mm

Trojan Classic Strobe

max depth 150m

Working time at full power in water about 2 degrees Celsius min 10h followed by switching to 1 diode.

weight, 470g

sizes; 190mm L x50mm

Apeks RK3 rubber fins, with spring straps

Sizes approximately:

S = 35-38

M = 39-41

L = 42-44

XL (super) = 45 ->

Steel cylinder 2L

Steel cylinder 2 liters
200 bar
Valve: normal, or handwheel on top. Please mention which one you want on order comments!
Diameter 100 mm

Tube weight for JJ-CCR 2,25kg

length 350mm, diameter 28mm.

Weight 2,25kg