The Beast videolight

5 290,00 sis/incl ALV/VAT


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Made to order, lead time 3-5 weeks.

Canister-type led torch for filming.

The most powerful videolight ever made. Designed for professional use. With amazing 300 W of raw power and 150° flood beam. The basis of design has been very  even light distribution on the whole lighting area.

The Beast has two power options, 300 W and 150 W.
Battery canister size: length 310 and diameter 115 mm.
Weight 5700g.
Burntime on full power is 70 minutes and on half power 150 minutes.

Lighthead is machined from aluminium, black/red anodized. The lighthead is equipped with goodman handle.
Canister machined from solid piece of Delrin.

Depth rating 300m.

2 year warranty. Warranty includes in case of light failure sending of substitute lamp to anywhere in the world for time of the fixing of the original lamp.

Powered by 358 Wh 29,6V Lithium-ion battery.
Delivered with 5 A charger. Recharge time from complete discharge 3 hrs.
Charger is provided with European cord and it is compatible with 110-240V grids.

* Manufacturers rating for this led is 100lm/w.

Designed to be used underwater only.